Sunday, July 28, 2013

Steak kabobs with rice

This dinner was delicious! Next time I will definitely add some sort of veggie side. I marinated the steak in gluten free Worcestershire sauce with onions and peppers for about 5 hours. I used California jasmine rice on the side. MMmm mmm!

Gluten free deviled eggs

Deviled eggs..yumm! I used Kraft mayo made with olive oil and franks yellow mustard along with sea salt, black pepper, and a little broccoli on top. 

Sabra hummus with veggies: Snack time with a kick.

In need of a gluten free snack? Sabra makes a variety of gluten free hummus that is sure to hit the spot! There are many gluten free cracker or chip options available but I prefer carrots and broccoli.

Mr. Gatti's Gluten free pizza

Do you think pizza night is a thing of the past just because you are on a gluten free diet? Well get excited because pizza night is tonight! Mr Gatti's offers a delicious gluten free pizza!